fully experiencing our past, releases us from it


The counselling space

Maria helped me understand the situation I was in, where I was stuck I started seeing the way forward. With the changed perspective, I sighed a breath of relief and started moving forward again.

My headaches disappear after the sessions with Maria, I am headache-free for three days. If I had sessions twice a week I could ditch the medication altogether.

good value for money

I saw highly qualified therapists before, but I feel better understood and supported in counselling sessions with Maria.

Individual counselling sessions
  • A natural eclectic style of counselling identified by teachers, at the start of training nearly twelve years ago
  • This means I am able to naturally tailor sessions to fit the client’s uniqueness
  • This means I have space to hear, witness and understand

To know ourselves is to heal and grow…

Meditation is a good way to know ourselves as well as to reparent ourselves where we want to change our original unhelpful programming. We can take charge of who we are through body scanning and mediation.


We can only lead our clients when we have been there ourselves. There is no other way to learn it.
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